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DOUBLESTAR | Blaufield Anchorage in Panama

There is an ocean that is lesser known. A sea that is not often discussed. Yet, since the utter devastation wrought by super-hurricanes such as Irma and Maria, it is a sea that many now need to consider crossing.

Norman Cay Plane Wreck

What can you do with your GPX data? What is GPX data? Why should you care? If you’re on a sailboat with a chart plotter or multi-function device (MFD) and GPS, you probably generate GPX data whenever you move the boat. GPX data is nothing more than a collection of GPS waypoints that, when strung together, form a track.

Making Our Own Wind!

Did we make it? We had to face the reality that we may run out of fuel before reaching water that was shallow enough to drop our anchor in. If that were to happen, we would effectively be helpless. Without any wind to drive the boat forward, the current would sweep is east toward Colombia. Not exactly ideal!

Doing laundry while on passage

We're not going to make it! Yesterday I boasted about how prepared we were with our fuel situation. Turns out my hubris was not well founded.

Currents in the Caribbean Sea

Do you remember being a kid at the airport and being unable to resist walking the wrong way on a travellator. How cool is it to keep walking, but not moving? So much fun! Not when you are sailing.

DOUBLESTAR Interior View From Cockpit at Night

Wondering what it’s like to spend a week or more crossing an ocean in your home? A day at sea is filled with short, vowelly words. Eat. Read. Sleep. Repeat.

Full Moon Rising over Caribbean Sea

A spectacular moonrise, and some musings about teenage boys smelling like banana bread. It all makes sense on some level ...

Sunset Caribbean Sea

I originally intended to just add onto the initial post each day, but since updates don't get pushed out automatically to subscribers (and I've not had the time or inclination to figure out if that's even possible) I will simply create a new post for each day. So here follows Day 3 (and below that, the Day 2 updated that was originally tacked onto the first post).

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