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V&V Marina

CancĂșn, Mexico

The most memorable experience we had in this part of the world? The driving. Seriously, the folks here are just plain nuts.

We’ve driven in some crazy places including Panama, Italy and South Africa, but the folks here in CancĂșn take the cake.

Apart from that we got ripped off by a couple of traffic cops who invented 3 traffic infractions. Fortunately for us they “forgave” one of them, leaving only two. 

Unfortunately, two is more than one, and if you have more than one they have to confiscate your license unless you pay them $400 on the spot. Kleptocracy at its finest!

We did enjoy daily bike rides along the beautifully maintained trails in this area, semi-decent provisioning, and access to “civilized” shopping malls. 

We also had a great beach close to the marina. So not all negative!