Day 4 – Sint Maarten to Panama

Day 4 – 23 July 2021

Noon position: N 17°05.791’ W 70°04.129’

Progress continues in our bid to reach Panama. Day 4 was uneventful, with the exception of a chocolate banana bread that was freshly baked this morning. Recipe will come soon, and believe me – it was [bleeped out] delicious!

It was interesting to come into the cockpit shortly after the baking was done. The whole cockpit smelled like freshly baked banana bread. It was such an intense, delectable aroma. As if someone bottled this scrumptious scent and applied it. Everywhere. Like a teenage boy applies cologne on a first date. 

When you spend days on end at sea, you are somewhat deprived of the sense of smell. There is nothing around you to smell. No trees. No land. No animals. No pollution. Nothing. So when your olfactory senses get tickled pink by the smell of a freshly baked treat, they really awaken to take it all in. 

It was a pretty cool experience.

We are still zig-zagging our way west. Every time we gybe to port tack (wind coming from our left as we face the front of the boat) I tell Chef “this is the last one!”. Until the next one. I am however confident that we will indeed make one last turn to the south west later this evening. Exciting times!

As expected, our moonrise tonight was SPECTACULAR. While we have seen some unbelievable sunrises and sunsets since we started living aboard full time, it’s the moonrises that have been the most incredible. 

Full Moon Rising over Caribbean Sea
Speeding west, with a spectacular full moon rising in the east.

It’s impossible to describe – even more impossible to capture on camera. We’ve had one moonrise (off the cost of Cape Hatteras on the US East Coast) that was so bright it looked like dawn breaking. 

Tonight was equally sublime, but in a different way. 

More to follow tomorrow as we cross the halfway mark. 

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