Welcome To Our Adventerous Journey

Doublestar Captain and Chef Engineer

The Crew

Meet Captain “J” and Chef Engineer “T”.

She is a former model and now trained chef that is capable of creating the most exquisite French cuisine in the most minimalist environment: a boat galley!

He is a digital nomad, former software developer, business owner and strategic planning consultant.

At Anchor off White Bay

The Yacht

Learn more about DOUBLESTAR, our 2020 Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62.

After owning and sailing catamarans of various sizes for 15 years, we finally pulled the trigger on building our “Dream Boat”.

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The Galley

Join our culinary adventure!

There is no better way to experience the local culture than through the visionary creations that Chef Engineer produces in the DOUBLESTAR galley.

When it’s not possible to simply hop in the car and drive to the local store to get the ingredients you need, you have to improvise!

Enter the Galley
Photo of Chef Engineer

The Adventure

Join the DOUBLESTAR journey!

Follow along as we go where the wind takes us. Through words, images, video and music we hope to capture this epic adventure

This legacy is not just for us and our children (and future grandchildren!) but for everyone that dreams of sailing their boat around the world one day.

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Photo of Captain

The Journey So Far


DOUBLESTAR Name on Transom

DOUBLESTAR is the name we chose to represent the two of us.

After seeing the Oceanis Yacht 62 at the Annapolis boat show in 2018, we were driving from our home in Arizona down to San Diego to test sail a sister ship that happened to be available to us.

We had been throwing names around for months but could not come up with something that felt right. On that road trip we discovered the astronomy term “Double Star”.

In observational astronomy, a double star is a pair of stars that are gravitationally bound to each other, and appear so close that they seem to be one from a distance.

After 20 years together, we feel gravitationally bound to each other. Our thoughts are one, our goals are one, our love is one. 


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